Check out our easy to use backend to establish your presence in Spot & Pay. You can download the QR and post it anywhere you want to increase the sales. Consumers can scan and py or find you in our business directory and pay directly without being onsite. No contract, no monthly fee. 


Our one-stop app will let you pay onsite by scanning the QR code or pay remotely by finding the business entity and their products. With our app, you can set up recurring payments, reminders and get your summary reports.  
Yes, the app is free


Business setup

Business users can log in, setup their accounts, connect to the payment gateway, and manage their payments and payouts.

Generate your code, download, and use as many as you want. We even provide you with different formats to print. Use it as a decal or however you want.

Business Listing

Once you set up your account, Spot and Pay will automatically add your business to the directory listing, making it convenient for remote users to find you and pay without visiting your location.

This unique way to pay will help improve your fundraising quick and easy.

Pay Onsite

Quickly scan the QR code posted onsite and select Quickpay or enter your own amount to pay. Couldn’t be easier than this.

You can use the same app for all payments with our participating vendors.

Pay without a visit

Cannot make it to onsite? No problem. Use the listing and find the participating business by their name or business ID and then pay just like you would do it onsite.

Whether you are onsite or remote, you can use Spot & Pay.

On website

Want to use Spot & Pay on your business site? No problem. Simply log in, generate the Spot & Pay button and use the code on your website. Users can click this button and pay through Spot & Pay.

You can even publish the QR code on your site for your customers to pay.

Mobile Ready

Consumers can download the mobile app from App Store, Play Store, or Windows marketplace and start using instantly.

Consumer app has friendly UI, easy to navigate, and packed with functionalities including wallets, reports, reminders and recurring payments.

Unlimited and always free

Don’t worry about setup fee, monthly cost, or account limitations. Spot & Pay is free even with unlimited account setup.

Create as many as you want and connect with one more multiple bank accounts to manage and control your transactions.


With Spot & Pay, you can use as many cards as you want. You can even set default card to make quicker payments.

Want to use your bank account? No problem. You can connect your bank account and start paying using bank accounts.

You can even use your bitcoins to pay.


Tired of getting up and calling the number on screen or going online to donate or pay? Not anymore. You can save your 15-30 mins by scanning the QR directly from TV to pay or donate. Our patent-pending process will let you pay within 10 seconds and you can go back watching TV.

Interested in using this for your commercial? Contact us for more details.


Get all your payments in one place. No need to worry about all the contributions that you made for tax returns. You can generate the report anytime by simply using the email me report button from report page.

Setup recurring payments

Pay or donate every month? Now you can set up recurring payments directly from the app. Set it up and Spot & Pay will take care of your recurring payments.

Setup reminders

Setup quick reminders to pay or donate. Just select payment from your report page and click reminder icon. Get notified and pay on time.




Spot & Pay offers built-in reports to summarize your transactions by business accounts.

You can see transactions by customers, overall transactions, and lot more.

Quickly identify your business performance and communicate with your customers as needed, All in one place.


Run multiple businesses? We understand.

Spot & Pay will not only support multiple accounts in the same category but also support multiple categories. You can create a charity, retail, or bill pay and still manage them under one login account with multiple bank accounts.


Have multiple accounts? No problem. Spot & Pay provides the infrastructure to manage all your accounts, users, and transactions in one place.

You can connect multiple accounts to one bank and take full control of your account management.

These features will empower you to manage easily so that you can focus on other details.


Spot & Pay provides the platform to communicate with your clients.

Customize your “Thank you message”, create newsletters, and schedule weekly or monthly.

Create on-demand high-quality messages and send it to your clients.

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